woensdag, juli 18, 2007

New adress

Okey, for those who want to visit me when I am back home, my new adress:
Mr. Cl. Kniphorststraat 12, Emmen

zaterdag, juli 14, 2007

one year after

Hello everybody,

july 14th, if i am not mistaken today it is 1 year ago that I left Holland. so a reason for a party i would say. And I timed it perfectly since I just arrived back to Buenos Aires. We are staying at Pepe's house at the moment. he is a friend of Paul and we are very welcome! For tonight he also arranged a party and we also know which club we are going.... so probably tomorrow morning around 8 we will be back home :D:D:D

The last days in Bariloche was really cool as well. Paul and I went skiing for two days. the first day it was really sunny and since paul told me he could ski a bit, so I took him to a nice blue slope and in the first 3 minutes he made a really nice fall.... He first passed me with the words "hoooow maurice, I am going to fast, I cannot stop!!!!" , and the only thing I could do was watch and see him gaining speed and Turninçg around what ended in a nice backflip. after he confirmed to be okey I started laughing my ass of and started collecting his stuff ( he lost Hat, goggles, sticks and both ski's) :D:D:D after that we decided to take some easier ways.

In the night we went for dinner and some beers afterwards in Wilkenny (recommendable) but since we wanted to ski again we could not end to late neither could we get to drunk ( and some brazilian girl asked me to give her ski-clases the next day, so I had to be fit ;) ) . Wesley (a nice irish guy) was with us as well. eventhough he planned to get skiing he did not remember at what time the beerscooter dropped him off at home, But he went sking as well. With us was Rosana as well, she is a dutch girl we met the evening before.

That day it was snowing all the time and so after 2 bajadas we went for our lunch, which took us about 2.5 hours since the beers tasted very well. There I also decided not to go to the place where I would meet the Brasilian girl ( later on it turned out she stayed in town anyway, and i told her I had been waiting ... jejeje) after lunch we split up. I went up with Rosana, she with her snowboard I on skis and totally white like a snowman :) We looked up some black slope on the map and went there. We allready missed it because it turned out not to be prepared.... JUST AS WE LIKE IT. it was a pretty good off piste slope, but I gotta say it hurted to my legs. After that one we went to some other black slope and in the end took it off-piste as well.

in the night we went out until 6, which ment we only had 3 hours to sleep since we had to leave our hostel. At 11 Wesley woke up, told us he felt bad and whether we wanted to go for some beers: And that is how it went. until 3 in the bar and at 5 in the bus, nicely to sleep. And that bus got us to here and since than nothing special happend, at the moment people are coming in for the party so I better get going to the fridge to save the beer :D

Remember, in 6 days I am back home!


maandag, juli 09, 2007

Since the internet connection here is to bad to upload pictures to my dotphoto.com y will put some online here. Still takes a long time. so only from yesterday and today:
I think it is beautiful around here.
Puerto Pañuelos, close to Bariloche.

View from Cerro Campanario, close to Bariloche.

View from Cerro Campanario, close to Bariloche

View from Cerro Campanario, close to Bariloche

Lago Nahuel Huapi, shot from bariloche

Bye bye and photos of the NOT jumping whales and the NOT sea lions eating orcas will be online ASAP

zondag, juli 08, 2007

Hello everybody!

hm it seems I am a little late with updating to you, but we have our reason!! instead of staying in Puerto Madryn we decided to go straight into the peninsula valdes and find a hostel there. But the town (Puerto Piramides) is pretty much a ghost-town so internet is not known there. none-the-less we had a very good time there.

We arrived last wednesday around 11 in the morning and after checking in to our hostel we booked a whale-watching tour for the afternoon. And yeah we saw some whales, but i gotta say, they have to do something about there ears... I asked them several times to jump but they didn't :(. Later I will put the pictures online but there are all similar, dont know whether it was because I was to slow with my camera or because they are such bad models.

That evening we sat on the sea-side on some rocks, watched the bay and the whales there while the sun was going down behind us. We shot some nice pictures, but still no jumping whale.

Thursday was the day to have a land tour trough the peninsula valdes, which ment sitting in a van the whole day looking out the window for some wild-life. That was a nice day, but also rather boring since the nature is every-where the same. The Highlights of that day where the "big" salt flats which are the lowest point in South America (minus 41 meters) and punta cantor where we found a sea-lion and sea elephant colony. Around there swim orcas as well, but of course I did not see one :( it is always the same, those photographers of national geographic see jumping whales and orcas catching a seal from the beach and we.... Nothing :(

Our tour brought us back to Puerto Madryn that afternoon and we wanted to stay there one more night to have the friday to see the beach and looking for some more whales, of course not to swim since it was rather cold.
But we changed that plan, we took a bus that night to bariloche because the busses for friday and saturday where full allready, and it would have been to boring to stay in Madryn 3 days.

so it happend that we arrived in esquel (6 hours from Bariloche) since they could only sell us tickets to there from madryn. so we bought tickets for the next part to bariloche, left esquel, ate breakfast in the bus and then... there came the host, " Uhm... the bus just turned and we are heading back to Esquel since the pass is closed"... GREAT, there we were in Esquel waiting for 4 hours at the bus terminal... going outside was tooo freezing cold and inside where to many people... And then came the best news from our buscompany, yeap the bus is NOT leaving today.... that while 3 other companies just announced that they where leaving in 30 minutes... I almost freaked out, but then realised that that is backpacking, you never now what happens. fortunately our company was part of some other company that was leaving and we could just hop in another bus at the last moment. Sooo with a small delay we arrived in Bariloche at 17.00 instead of 11.00, but that didn't matter since the trip over the pass was pretty niche, you will see that later on the pictures. When we got off the bus Paula was wondering when we traveled to Finland.

And here I am in Bariloch in a really nice hostel, in a domr with a nice view and a living room on the third floor with a even better view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Though it is pretty cold here we are doing fine, saw a bit of the city which makes us feel like some austrian ski town (only the dutch cars all around missing)
Friday night was random drinking night, Yesterday was party night. Around 2.00 we went to Wilkenny, a nice pub with way to many people. but hey it was nice there, met a lot of brasilians, Australians and Irish. After a while we decided to go to a club... but the entrance was 75 pesos argentinos... ¿are they crazy?, normally it is around 20 in Buenos Aires and in Tandil only 5... Would be the same as that Sala Murano asks 15 luca.... anyways we got back to wilkenny and stayed there until 6, walked back, helped someone pushing his car, went to sleep and here I am with a hangover behind the computer.

Tuesday Paul/Palito will be here as well and on wednesday we will go skiing, so it seems the party will go on!!

To my dutch readers: see you soon
To my chilean readers: I miss you
To the rest: nos vemos pronto


zaterdag, juni 30, 2007

Back to the beginning

Soo as I said I get back to you from Buenos Aires, but first a short update about Tandil:

On saturday we had Pauls birthday party, where he got a very original present. the guys over there arranged him a striptease ( we gotta admit she looked "good"). was a great party and very nice to see old friends again.
sunday and monday where rather quiet but on Tuesday we rented a car and drove to mar del plata. A great feeling to drive a car again after such a long time. And we were lucky, it was a wonderfull day, a lot of sun and hardly any wind. We walked on the beach a little bit and went shopping afterwards.

on wednesday we went back to Buenos Aires. The first night we stayed at helka´s place, a friend of paula. had a small houseparty somewhere and finally got early into bed (3.00) to be rather fit the next day to do some turistic stuff. Thurday we went to a plaza to have a good lunch and afterwards I went with paula to La Boca.
That night we moved to a hostel since helkas roommate would be getting visitors friday morning and since we wanted to go out we wouldnt have been able to sleep a bit.

So we moved to the KM0 hostel, where I alreadystayed some weeks in February. the first person I saw inside was a chilean guy that was there in february already, he decided to stay and live there while he studies in BSAS. Then a Half an hour later I get out of the room, how is at the reception: Maximiliano... a Guy that was there in February as well, but I thought he moved to New York. turned out he got back a week ago.
Then the next morning I got out of bed with a hangover, and there was gaby, a brasilian girl that was also in the hostel in February.... to sum up: I felt like coming home.

Today we had a long day doing a city tour, Plaza de mayo, Cathedral, Plaza Italia, Jardin botanico, Jardin Japones And the cementery. in a minute we are going to score some food around here, then for a quick nap and in the night 3 mexicans from our U in Santiago will arrive at the hostel and the party can start again.

On Tuesday or Wednesday we will get on our wayto Puerto Madryn for some whale watching, I Think there I will have time to get back to you. Keep my photo album in mind as well. I will try to put some pictures online soon.

bye bye!!!

zaterdag, juni 23, 2007

bye Santiago

Hello everybody,

a short message from Argentina, since thursday I am not in Chile anymore. The last two weeks in Santiago were really good but on tuesday and wednesday the goodbye came. Well it wasnt easy but I left and now I am here in Tandil. We had a long but very nice trip here and yesterday we started the party already.

in a week I will get back to you, probably from buenos aires again then.


donderdag, juni 14, 2007

London ?!?

Zooo, net eindelijk een antwoord op mijn solicitatie voor een stageplek in London gekregen. Blijkt dus dat ze daar nog niet klaar zijn voor het aannemen. Grit heeft me gezegt het allemaal zo snel mogelijk door te sturen en dat het team zich er dan over zal buigen en een gesprek met me zal regelen.

Tis dus nog niet geregeld. maar op de een of andere manier heb ik er wel een goed gevoel over. En dat is een goed teken, want op het moment ben ik natuurlijk net zo depressief als de pest (valt mee hoor ;) ) omdat ik nog maar 7 dagen heb. waarvan de komende 4 sowieso feestend worden doorgebracht met een pauze op maandag om de keet schoon te maken.
Maar goed zelfs nu heb ik er nog een goed gevoel over, dus ik hoop maar gewoon het beste.

Nah dan verder, over een uurtje men laatste presentatie voor herr Manfred en dan gaat het vanavond voor het laatst op donderdag & als verjaardags warmingup naar Murano (en dinsdag voor het laatst op dinsdag ;) ) Morgenavond bbq als verjaardags preparty en dan zaterdag vanaf 2 uur smiddags helemaal naar de tering natuurlijk :D (mochten jullie willen bellen, tussen 11.00 en 12.00 mijn tijd graag. dussuh 17.00 en 18.00 jullie tijd) Zondag dan een rustige after party lijkt mij, zodat we op maandag ons huis weer in oude stijl krijgen (mission impossible IV)

Ben gister trouwens al begonnen men kleine koffer in te pakken, want ik ben bang dat ik door alle drukte en katers daar geen tijd voor zal hebben, en toen kwam ik er achter dat ik dus helemaal niet zoveel kleding heb. die rugzak van me gaat lang nie vol... dus ff wat bijshoppen in argentinie...

Oja paul!! here I come, maar wel pas op zaterdagavond denk ik. kan pas op donderdag hier vertrekken en dan op vrijdag van mendoza naar Mar del plata. En dat alleen als de pas niet gesloten word als ik weg wil.

nou ik moe gaan,


donderdag, juni 07, 2007


Zooo het is al bijna weer zover, nog 13 dagen en dan ga ik er al weer vandoor. op 20 juni verlaat ik Santiago en ga naar Argentinie. Mijn eerste halte is Tandil, terug naar het begin. heb daar op 23 juni een verjaardag gepland staan. blijf dan chill bij Paul thuis, beetje feesten beetje oude bekenden bezoeken.

Daarna gaat het richting Buenos aires voor een weekend. Dear friend christian "cuusi" hargreaves komt dan die kant op. samen met die loco en paula en waarschijnlijk satu ook gaan we de stad dan even onveilig maken.

En dan is het al weer begin july en dan ga ik 19 uur straight down naar Puerto Madryn. tussen juni en november zwemmen daar walvissen, verder hebbe ze ook nog wat pinguins (1miljoen) dus daar worden even wat fotos geschoten.

vandaaruit gaat het dan rond de 6e juli naar de bergen, Bariloche. Paul komt daar dan ook naar toe en dan gaan we een dag of 3/4 skieen in het grootste skigebied van zuid amerika. vandaaruit nemen we dan de bus naar Cordoba en zo rond de 14e juli willen we dan weer in buenos aires zijn voor onze laatste chorizos, lomos, liter flessen bier en goedkope wijn.

en dan de 18 vertrekt Paul en ik de 19e... janken zal dat worden zeg... wil hier helemaal niet weg!!!

But I'll be back!!


maandag, mei 28, 2007

New pics online

Hey guys,

Just put some new pictures online. You can find them under the link
Mydotphoto.com on the right

have fun

zondag, mei 27, 2007

Korte nieuws update

Hee allemaal,

Even weer een korte nieuws update, eigenlijk maar bar weinig gebeurt hier de laatste tijd. afgelopen week waren Paula, lasse en Aino in Buenos aires. Ze zijn vandaag terug gekomen maar heb ze nog niet gezien, geloof wel dat ze het super gehad hebben.

Ikzelf ben een beetje ziek en heb de hele dag geslapen, griepje geloof ik. maar morgen gaan we weer naar school en et zal vanzelf wel over gaan.

Nou goed het enige nieuws wat ik dan wel heb is over men zwemwedstrijd van gister. Was de eerste competiti wedstrijd voor prive universiteiten dit jaar, en het ging best goed.
De trainer had me ingeschreven met een 1.17 op de 100 rug en 58.00 op de 100 vrij. Nou beide waren verkeerd gegokt. Had een 1.11 op de rug en met men vrij zat ik er iets boven, 59.60 ongeveer. Maar was wel eerste met de vrij :)
Morgenmiddag weer een wedstrijd in Escuela de carabinheros: de politieschool, die lui kunnen zelf voor geen meter zwemmen, maar waarschijnlijk is die braziliaan van de Universidad de Las americas er wel weer... word dus leuk

nou dat was het. zal zo eens wat fotos uploaden,